Marcus Santoro the phenomenal Australian born DJ/Producer is back with another release to get your senses feel happy. Having released songs onto Armada’s sub-labels ‘Statement! Records‘ and ‘Trice‘ he has also had many releases on ‘Enhanced Records‘ too. This next one from the rising star is sure to give you a feelings of going through a space tunnel.

Whispers‘ starts off with gorgeous, sultry vocals straight in a harsh Trance kick yet has soft wispy melodies throughout. The breakdown is soft and elegant, filtering into a stunning build up with a huge festival like drop that really get you dancing and pumping your fist with happiness.

Though the track does have vocals that are to simple and would have been nicer to have more lyrics to the song after the last echo of ‘Whispers‘, though I do still adore this track and I think it’s really elegant and perfect¬† for anyone who¬† needs something to listen to on the way home from work or college or on your way to a lunch with friends.

Out not on ‘Wake Your Mind’ Records!