Eclypse Records‘ is run by three Austrailian DJ and producers, Jason Forte and Feenixpawl, the latter releasing their breakthrough hit ‘In My Mind’ (Axtone). An eclectic Dance music label that has been around since April  2015 it has released a handful of stunning tracks such as ‘Ghosts’ (Feenixpawl), ‘Blue Sky’ and ‘Morning Sun’ (Corey James & Joakim Molitor), ‘Lyra’ (Paris & Simo) and so many more.

The labels first 2018 release is from Seoul based DJ/producer Tobirush and Italian based DJ/producer Corg called ‘Funky Skool‘. It is a very catchy Funky House track with Disco elements throughout. Infused with a danceable and 70s-esque melody, piano chords that are cute and bubbly, this is certainly a very happy track to brighten up ones day.

The whole track packs that little punch too and the percussion is to die for if you love your Funky House music from back in the day, this will take you back to Funky House school for sure!