Dastic & Arjay ft. Lourdiz – Queen of a Lonely Heart (Spinnin Records)

Hilversum born Dastic is one of many DJ/producers on my Spinnin Records‘ ones to watch list that’s for sure. Having great success with his version of Mario’s Let Me Love You and his track Go Home it really isn’t a surprise that he’ll be a hit maker in the next years to come.

Dastic comes together with Arjay featuring gorgeous vocals from Lourdiz with this  impeccably produced track ‘Queen of a Lonely Heart‘. The harmonic, fluffy melody intertwines with a subtle and simple drum beat that’s rhythmic and heart pounding. The track throughout flows perfectly with the subtle Trap like beat.

The vocals and lyrics are worlds away from what I have heard for a while, the lyrics are well written and has a pure message to listen to. Lourdiz‘ vocal range is perfect and it flows well with the track. ‘Queen of a Lonely Heart‘ is something to add to your playlist for the Spring/Summer seasons for sure.

Out on Spinnin Records on the 09th February 2018.


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