Third Party‘s imprint ‘Release Records‘ has been releasing outstanding music for a few years now and have done it again releasing its first track of 2018 with this one from the two Swedish producers Sebjak and David Pietras, the latter being a new talent to watch in my opinion.

It is infused with a Tribal beat with delicacy and charm. ‘Soleil’ (Meaning sun/sunlight in French) definitely lives up to its name. Oozing with Summery melodies that are graceful and flattering throughout it really makes ones ear feel happy and is a definate easy listening track at that.

The percussion is stunning also, flows greatly with the hypnotic beat. The same goes for everything in the track too, it all flows together nicely and the elegance really shines through the more you listen to it. Want a little bit of the Summer in your life during these cold Winter months, this is the track for you.