Ejeca comes back with another EP containing some luscious techno infused beats and melodies that’ll make the heart sing.  Ejeca has been flawlessly releasing many EPs in 2017 and has gained huge air play from Pete Tong, B Traits, Mark Knight and many more!

The opening, self titled track is ‘Attack’. With a subtle vocal alongside a heart racing melody with a bizarre percussive beat that it really will send chills to the arms. It’s haunting yet light and is filled with gorgeous harmonies too!

‘Losty’ is a slightly more up-tempo track that has a beautiful, hard driven but edgy percussion and fluffy, rhythmic melodies intertwining with harmonic strings that are delicate and ear pleasing. Not your regular techno track.

We go dark with the third track, ‘Pintman’. This little beauty has something really special, with a sweet string melody and gorgeous synths intertwining with that  dark percussive beat and a heavy kick drum it really has something that makes it stand out for sure.

And lastly we come to Matrixxman’s remix of the delight that is Attack. It’s a lighter than the original with no vocals and it’s simple and heavenly. Up roaring melodies and a lot of reverb with fluttering filtering makes it something to listen to right now and then in the summer too.

Pre-order now on beatport! Out 8th Dec.