The night was really good, the venue was slightly empty as it ran alongside Steelyard quite close by, only a select number of people from that event turned up from what I could see. Everything was alright, the sound system a little harsh but succeeded to enliven the room up a little. The sound system did become quiet towards the end when I was at the front of the stage, other that that the sound was crisp and clear.

Tom Booth opened up first, playing a fabulous warm up set for the boys, only 19 years old this boy… played some really great tracks! GVN stepped up to the plate and brought a lot of energy to the decks. Played his music he made with Lee Carter who couldn’t make it out last night to perform with him, GVN had a slight hiccup but he carried on like nothing had happened and didn’t lose confidence!

Next half of the night it was TNY & LUQ, who’s set was well thought out. Played a lot of great music once again and they mixed really well. Corey James mastered the microphone as always and used many of his tracks like his Runaway remix etc, it was another well mixed set.

The label bosses were up next to carry on a night that was going smoothly with no issues. These two held the best set for second to last and I presume only had all classic track USBs with them because the set was just classic after classic. Seek Bromance, Pressure, Daylight, Payback, the infamous Booyah and Spaceman mash up and a lot more… really did want to make me cry!

Thomas Feelman was to close the glorious event (Despite the low sound for his set) which he started where Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman left off. Playing done tribal to funky house to a little tech house and progressive, also he may have played something by him and the two young guys from Runcorn!

All in all the event was really good, the venue a little far back away from the city, would recommend a taxi to and from the venue. Really looking forward to the next one now!