Danish born DJ and producer Kölsch has been creating gorgeous pieces of music for a very long time, and also gained his own residency on BBC Radio One every Thursday. Having already released two albums from specific years in life, it was right to release another, this time we to 1989, the last of his autobiographal albums. This is an album that shows light of his turbulent teen hood, turning these hard times into something happier.

Kölsch’s new album ‘1989’ is pure and enticing, 12 tracks to indulge in, it’s the perfect album to be filed under  easy listening. Album opens up with a short orchestral sound check which adds to this album’s pureness. ‘Serij‘ is the first track to be heard, it also features his ‘1983’ collaborator Gregor Schwellenbach. With its strong acid influence to the beautiful strings intertwined in this beauty, it is surely a work of art.
Grå‘ is next and this is more of subtle, hard kick driven track with a gorgeous melody and a catchy percussion flowing straight into some alluring chords that will make your heart tingle and flutter. The break is full of brass and unique melodies that are breathtaking.
In Bottles‘ is a fluttery, high percussive track that had gorgeous vocals from Aurora, lyrics are really satisfying, strings with that high percussive beat always shines throughout this track and it all flows perfectly together.

Grey‘, does it really need an introduction? It’s something that has been a staple to any Kölsch or techno fans worldwide. A truly remarkable, unforgettable beauty that I have no words for. It’s fluttery once again and beckons with enticing  strings, wind sounds it’s something that anyone needs to love and adore forever.
The happy, melodic, percussive beats stay with us in ‘Grau‘. This heavenly track has though grand melodies which are harmonic and also contains alluring and stunning strings once again. The intertwining melodies with the percussion is something unique and it’s perfect.
PUSH‘ is a harder techno gem on ‘1989‘, finesse is the key word for this track. With that really hard pushing, percussive beat and exquisite, harmonic chords it’s something that needs to be in a techno fans collection. It’s something that truly defines techno.
There must be something with Kolsch and the letter G, we next have ‘Gris‘ to indulge in. Cute, sassy, lighter track has major alluring strings and melodies that will put you in a trance. Percussion has more of a stronger edge to it than most of the tracks on the album, but it’s stunning, with a flow that is perfect. Very 90s.

We go to ‘14‘, this intriguing, mystery track is something that will make you think of how to perceive this track. With its piano chords and flowing beat into a little techno bleep and then strings, it’s a track that is heart warming, moving and touching. Truly unique.
Khairo‘, possibly one of my favorites on the album, sounds a little like ‘Grey’ but has its own identity and is a little deeper than its sister. With its 90s beat and repetitive string progression into a wow factor melody, its sister will be proud.
We have the 10th track up next called ‘YKPI‘. A light techno beauty with hypnotic chords and a percussive heart warming beat it separates itself from the album for sure. Gorgeous flowing melodies bring this track alive and its enticing charm throughout will be stuck in anyone’s heart.
Liath‘… It’s the sister to PUSH, with a more lighter, uplifting string melodies which you will hear a solo of in last few minutes of the track. It’s the intertwining of all the instruments used and that percussion is certainly well suited to this track for certain.

We now, very sadly end with ‘Goodbye‘, a 7 minute track that is the best goodbye you’ll listen to. A more angelic track this time, something that glistens and delights the ears of any of its listeners. The whole album comes together in this track which is perfection. Harmonic, soothing melody will make a heart flutter and a boy cry, it’s a heart breaker. Alien, space sounds make it very intergalactic also… Could be the message of the track that the Kolsch space ship is ready to depart back into heaven.

This album, is a MUST for any one who adores Techno, Tech House, House, Melodic tracks, Eric Prydz, Joris Voorn, Dusky and many more. An album that is perfect for anyone really who adores this music or Grey. The whole album is a heart warmer which will make you forget the world around you.