Sebjak and his label Bibliotheque have been raising the stakes high for a year already now, cooking up some really alluring and enticing tracks for everyone to adore. He has releases on other big labels such as Fonk, Sosumi, Doorn, Size and Ultra Records too. Sebjak comes back this beauty called ‘Fellas’ on his imprint, Bibliotheque records.

‘Fellas’ has such a bouncy percussion with charming vocals and catchy melody that’ll be something to tap your foot to, this is just something that is truly mesmerizing throughout. The whole track has stunning breaks and drops also, with the drops being somewhat very organic and minimalistic yet satisfying for the ears. Breaks are indeed very pulsating and have a touch of class to them.

It is something of a remarkable beauty that has the charming brass in between enticing melodies and very subtle tribal percussion too, its perfection and its melodies are just very unique and pure, I doubt there is anything out there right now that sounds like this. The bass is at a nice volume so you can hear everything in the track and that it’s not to overpowering, very pretty and sultry altogether really.