Italian duo Promise Land and UK based Aussie Will K have already had major success with their productions this year having released on Arkade, No Face, Fonk and Doorn which have all been well received by DJs, fans and bloggers. This new beauty is called ‘Get Down‘  which has been released (18th September 2017) onto Kryder’s imprint Sosumi it’s set to be repeated over and over again for sure by all.

Get Down‘ has this gorgeous yet simplistic melody that flows through the track and with a drop that carries on with that simple, charming melody it’s certain that this will be addictive. It’s beastly vocal and bass line with a sassy percussion also adds a really nice harmonic vibe to it that I’m sure everyone will adore. Intertwining melodies too are a wonderful thing to hear in a track too so it’s really nice to hear that in this beauty.