After what seems a very long hiatus, even though it is a 7 month gap between releases, Code Red Label boss Marcus Schossow and Liverpool’s new star Corey James have come together to create two tracks for the label’s newest EP.

‘Time Goes By’ is first, with its Tech percussion and eerie vocals, this one is a true work of art. With its blissful melody and slick production, this is the most undeniably beautiful track I have listened too. Both of these men have really gone out of their way to create this glorious masterpiece.
Second track is called ‘Tough Love’, this is surely one of the greatest tracks this year for me by far. Has many Sebjak sounds involved yet with a new dark, dreamy twist. Again we have eerie vocals which crawl through the dark melodies and deep percussion. The drops are just mesmerizing too and both tracks will set you in awe for sure.

The EP is out today on Code Red Music.