Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet was born in Putney and attended Elliott School where he started an experimental/ambient band called Fridge with some of his classmates. In 1998 he released his first track ‘Thirtysixtwentyfive’, then in 1999 he released his first album called ‘Dialogue’.

Having released two tracks already this year, ‘Two Thousand And Seventeen’ and ‘Planet’, Four Tet has now released yet another impressive track, ‘SW9 9SL’. With an harmonic introduction, to its beautiful, deep percussion and sweet melody it is a track that you will never hate. Wonderful, pleasing keys and harp like melodies smoothly come through the percussion that now has an oriental feel to it. Add a very small touch of acid or electronica and you have a truly remarkable track.

‘SW9 9SL’ is of those tracks you’ll listen to over and over again, it’s graceful and inspiring and will make you fall in love with it straight away. Out now on Text Records.