Highly Sedated are an Electronica group from Sweden and consist of their manager and co-producer Sebastian Dollinger, Patrick Ray (Vocals, Writer and Co-Producer) Hannes Soderlund (Creative Manager)  Leon Somov (Producer) and Verner Westlund (Vocals, Writer and Co-Producer). They have always had great attention to detail when it comes to making music or mastering, which has paid off already with some pretty big hits under their belts after only a year of being together.
Their first release was Existence, they then released 1 of 3/4 successes called ‘Got Some Water?’. Then came the arrival of two more big hits, ‘Make Love’ and ‘Last Call’, which were tracks people most desperately wanted to own. All tracks, including their debut album which we will come to later are all released on the outstanding Size records owned by Steve Angello. Angello took them under his wing and have given them a whole new range of ideas and inspiration, vice versa to create glorious music over and over again.

I am a huge fan of Electronica, ever since Bjork’s music was played on the radio, so when I first heard this band for the very first time before they played a mind-blowing live performance as part of Steve Angello’s BBC Radio 1 Residency last year, was just super amazing and outstanding, I was so intrigued and I was later hooked onto their music after I heard this live session for Steve’s R1 Residency.

We begin this album review with the first track called ‘Wasted Youth’, which to me is just something you’ll fall in love with. The strings and harmonies are sublime and beautiful, you have quite a tough, sharp kick for the beat against that sweet piano and sassy percussion. The whole track to me is really interesting as it has so many instruments involved in the production it’s like a sweet whisper for your ears. The vocals from Patrick and Verner are perfection. The lyrics are quite intense yet very interesting to listen to. There is a part with spoken word and it’s a pretty inspiring statement that will surely bring a smile to your face for sure. It’s just something luscious to listen to before bed or if you need something mellow to listen to on your walks or runs.

Now we are moving onto a track named ‘Go Insane’. It’s possibly not my favorite track on the album just because I feel the lyrics are pretty dark yet they seem to have some truth to them in my life (Could be why I’m not too fond of it). But I have to say the lyrics are something I feel is pretty brave for the group to expose and write down, and with the gorgeous piano, with a catchy percussive beat it really makes you just want to ignore the lyrics and continue listening to the music. It is a very short track, shortest on the album actually but it’s a track that has some warmth yet a little darkness to it which possibly may be a favorite for sure to fans.

‘Got Some Water’ starts of with an acid/techno melody with a big kick and the well-known seductive spoken words which has so many different meanings. It has an insane Drum n Bass wobble which adds to that rustic sound. The percussive, classy beat is spectacular, it also adds more of a tough edge to a delicate, seductive track. ‘Got Some Water’ is well-arranged with its melody and vocals through-out, this track is rough, rustic and mesmerizing and super raw, which is perfection to my acid/techno ears.

Fourth track is called ‘We Try’. This track opens with some lyrics that may have a deeper meaning than the last track. It reminds me of some of the old Progressive House sounds from like 2009/2010. I really do enjoy listening to this track, with its subtle, bouncy melody and with some gorgeous percussion and synth it is going to be loved by many. ‘We Try’ I feel has very much of an Eric Prydz feel to it, with a massive 80s vibe too. It all just flows so nicely together and is another track on the album which is very well-arranged once again and the drops are to die for.

Track number 5, another little tech-house beauty with a gorgeous beginning that flows into breathtaking keys. This one is called ‘Slip Away’, the lyrics once again, just like the whole album have a meaning to them, a message for someone to listen to. The percussion is simple that will possibly make you want to close your eyes and just let your ears indulge in such a catchy beat. ‘Slip Away’ involves gorgeous harmonies and melodies that ripple through your skin and make your breath slow down and immerse you into this heavenly, very sassy track.

We are now at the middle of the album with ‘Burn’, a track that is another 80s synth-esque track that I adore. The lyrics are some what harsh and dark, but this album is packed with dark, strong lyrics that have a fabulous melody behind them. The melody is likely to be subtle house sounds but with that 80s/arcade sound, which is very catchy and with its dark lyrics it just sounds perfect together, gives it some toughness and edge which I find highly interesting. Another stunner that will possibly make you tap your foot to when listening to this.

Does this next track really need an introduction? I mean I can just say “We make love to the bass line” and you’ve already guessed what it’s called. One of Highly Sedated’s most famous tracks, ‘Make Love’ adds some more romance to the little collection. With its lyrics which are very sensual yet mysterious they will possibly get you to think of who this girl could be or it could be in your eyes. The melody and percussion are once again classic and perfect, really nice happy vibes again yet it has a little flair to it which I find really charming, for example the ‘Daft Punk’ ‘Tron’ work, really has that vibe about it. It’s one of many tracks on the album which you will have on repeat for sure.

‘Now’ is the 8th beauty on this album. With its techno vibes from the beginning flowing into a more subtle acid sound and a deep percussive drum beat it is one of the albums catchiest tracks I think. The melody uprises and just begins to wave in and out flawlessly to the gorgeous, simple melody which has a climatic build up and intense drop down. ‘Now”s lyrics have a strong message behind them, which I really enjoy listening to when I am coming home from work, and with that melody and that millisecond pause into a stronger drop, it’s just perfect for those moments.

We go to the 9th track, this one is called ‘Rush’. There is only one line of the lyrics that I feel I can sometimes relate too… “Her smell can make you blush”, I wear a lot of sweet, flirty smelling perfumes so I quite like this one ha ha. Percussion and melody flow together nicely, yet it does sound the same as some of the other tracks on this album so it is a little repetitive. Though it is an alluring track that is worth listening to for sure. Just has something about it though that sets itself from the other tracks on this album, maybe the house melodies or female vocal in the background of this.

A track named after the group themselves is our 10th track on this mesmerizing journey. The melody is very mellow and simplistic, I’ve had this on replay a few times this month actually, it’s a really beautiful piece of art and something that I think has a really nice easy listening vibe to it. The lyrics are again strong yet flowing really well with the eclectic keys and ravishing percussion and beat. The hi-hat is something that is prominent through-out that flows with everything else in this track, well thought out once again and another one you need to listen to.

On to a track that I feel is greater than ‘Make Love’, a track that a lot of people truly adore once again, this is called ‘Last Call’. Another techno beauty that could easily be played in a Drumcode night or played by a techno DJ, with a melody and dark vibe to it. The percussion is again very deep but simple and I think that’s another reason I love this album, for its simplicity and it’ll fit perfectly into anyones set for sure. The lyrics are mellow and really simple, something which will of course, be stuck in your head for a little while, everything has a perfect flow to it in this track.

We now finally come to last track on this lovely, amazing debut album from 5 amazing producers and singers. 12th and final track is called ‘Smoke Rings’. It begins with an enticing clicking sound along with a sensational percussive, catchy beat, the lyrics are again seductive and have a secret dream in my opinion too. You could actually say  there’s a sound that has a ‘Flatbeat’ chord involved intertwining through the pretty melody and luscious vocal. It’s another favourite of mine. Easy listening at its best.

So in conclusion, this album is seductive, has a lot of techno hints in it, some acid house here and there too. Also has strong messages in the lyrics for a few of the track on this record, I really highly recommend you sit back and listen to all 12 tracks and listen closely to the exquisite, fine details and amazing percussion involved in every track  on this album too. Highly Sedated have already done a few tracks before that aren’t available on the album, but you need to listen to them too 100%. Highly Sedated really have given the industry some new lights and an amazing pathway for other producers to venture out and follow suit. As Steve has picked up this album for his label ‘Size’, it is totally worth that listen and support. I have never heard anything like this before got a long time and so to hear all the attention to detail, with great flow in every track, it’s truly amazing and something I will have as possibly one my favourite records of 2017 or even the last 5 years.