Dan O’ Donnell aka D.O.D has produced many beasts and gorgeous tracks for super labels such as Dim Mak, Doorn, Spinnin, Size and Axtone such as this one called Unforgettable.

It has catchy vocals and the melody is something you could dance to all night long. The build up at the very beginning is simple and the break is just as good, everything flows together so nicely. The beat is addictive and the whole track really does get stuck in your head.

Second build up and drop with the vocals is possibly one my favorites because it’s so climatic and the entire track will get you disco dancing into the long summer nights this. I really love this uniqueness and sound of this beautiful track from Lancaster born D.O.D, you really don’t hear anything like this on a big label in these recent years of Dance music.

More about this gorgeous vocal you can hear. It’s so amazingly good and catchy that you’ll be singing along to them in no time, with the rythmic beat and melody is super classy and has a great little zap of sass to it.