Max Vangeli has been producing outstanding tracks for a very long time, his DJ sets are to die for, he also has many tracks on Size and several on NoFace. He is one of the most humblest DJs in the industry also.

Max releases his new EP called Roads on his own record label, NoFace, featuring stunning tracks with beautiful production behind each track.

Roads is the first track on the EP and this is such a beauty you won’t be able to stop listening to it, with its sassy piano melody and a gorgeous 80s-esque synth, it will just take you to a modern-day 1980s. With its mind-blowing, gorgeous drop that contains a fabulous burst of CO2 like effect, it’s surely something you’ll play in the car in the sun.

Next is Sonar, a very beautiful  and perfect little track that erupt with such grace from start to finish you will have a dropped jaw for sure. The drop is mesmerizing, a soft beginning turns into a beast, to simply describe this one, it has Beauty and the Beast written all over it. A truly remarkable track.

And finally, we end on with Game Changer, another 80s-esque track that will remind you of the arcade games in the 80s and BTTF trilogy. With another beautiful piano melody that gets you hooked and with another amazing build up and drop, this is another one to listen to on repeat in the summer sun.

I would really recommend buying and listening to this gorgeous, 80s vibe EP because it’ll blow you mind. Something I’ve never actually heard before production wise too… Totally something different for anyone’s music palette.