One of the best tracks I have heard so far this year. It was released back on March 23rd 2017 and it is perhaps the best track released in 10 years in my opinion. Still Young, before this release have had tracks released on a few labels over the last three years but it’s this one that has possibly put them on the road to success.

Its lyrics come from the iconic ‘Is This Love’ by the Reggae legend, Bob Marley. It is a glorious, hypnotic beauty with a gorgeous flutterly melody and stunning build ups that could take your breathe away.

The Canadian Still Young boys have re-created Bob’s vocals perfectly. (Which, without Steve Angello, may have never made it onto the track) This track is the heartwarming follow up to ‘Follow Us’ with the boss himself, Steve Angello. Still Young have produced many track as stated above such as ‘Temptation’ with Simon De Jano & Madwill, ‘Feels Like Summer’ with Kryder and ‘Check This Out’ with Michael Brun plus a few more also.

So yes, It seems that this Canadian duo will be stopping very soon, that’s for sure.