On Friday 10th March, I was just leaving work after working very hard for 8 hours scanning customers shopping, dealing with complaints and dealing with the lack of cigarettes and the customers frustration due to this. Fortunately, all I had in my head at 6pm (And throughout the entire day of course) was that in a few hours I would be partying with two of my best friends to our favourite DJs, Third Party, Corey James, Sebjak and now the new gorgeous talent Pete K.

First up on the line up was the sensational Sebjak whom warmed up the crowd very well indeed and tonight was his debut at Ministry. I’ve been to Ministry 40+ times and tonight was my first experience of the Dolby Atmos sound system, the best in the country or even the world haha! The sound was super loud yet ultra crisp, so Sebjak was just a perfect choice for it, he played so many of my faves and some ids too.

Next up was the delightful bosses of Release records whom have only been around for a few years yet have pulled off and won the hearts of many Northerners, Southerners, and fans from all over the world who go to the Release shows that are mainly held in London and Liverpool. They’ve played at Ministry several times (16/01/2016, 17/06/2016, 11/11/2016) so was the first Release show to have Dolby Atmos.

Their set was pure perfection, played some real nice mashups and plenty of classics too, for example Steve Angello‘s ‘Tivoli’ with Empire of The Sun‘s Walking On a Dream and Swedish House Mafia‘s ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’. They also played one of my favourite release’s on Size, ‘Nation’ which sounded superb on the sound system, also, they played one of many faves of mine on Axtone by the man himself, Axwell – ‘Centre of The Universe’.

Their set was just stunning and unfortunately I had a pretty flu and sore throat at the time, but the whole set made me forget I had it!

Unfortunatly my night came to an end when Corey James played just after 4am due to lack of energy, my flu and sore throat were worse and I couldn’t stand anymore haha, but his set sounded amazingly good as I sat in one of the booths with my best friend, but his sets always never fail to make me smile even though the door!

It was also a pretty special day for him aswell as being back at Ministry as his new track ‘With You’ with Santez got played on Pete Tong‘s radio show and was also was named track of the week by Cream!

Luckily for me the night was made worth while throughout when I got to meet the lovely Third Party boys, Astor (Photographer for Release events, Oskar Syk and many more) had a nice catch up with Corey aswell!

And so, in conclusion the whole evening wasn’t a disaster ie. me ending up in the medical room with a migraine or major fatigue… I met some of my favourites again, saw saw familiar faces and had a really really amazing experience and enjoyable night!