The Liverpool born duo CamelPhat have been in my heart for a couple of years now and their music and sets always deliver and they also make me smile. They have delivered many EPs yet this one, ‘Hangin’ With Charlie’ is one of their best.
Hangin’ With Charlie‘ is the first little track on the EP and this one is just sublime, includes an amazing funky groove with a real nice melody that makes your feet dance. We move onto the next track called ‘Get Up‘. It has such nice vocals at the beginning and throughout and then you just get drawn in with its fading upwards into a truly gorgeous build up which beckons into a fabulous drop with a really nice dark, yet happy vibe to the track! ‘101‘ is the next dark, moody track on this glorious EP and I am totally adoring the bass and the repetitive vocals that get you hooked from the first listen and with a fab beat too! The build up is divine too, has a few acid house snippets in there too which I wasn’t excepting.

This EP is something totally different from what CamelPhat have done so far and I am loving it, they are playing in London on the 18th March at Ministry of Sound where they have played many times to fans so expect this dark yet happy EP to be played!