Buce Records Label Night (@ Hangar34) 18-11-2017

The night was really good, the venue was slightly empty as it ran alongside Steelyard quite close by, only a select number of people from that event turned up from what I could see. Everything was alright, the sound system a little harsh but succeeded to enliven the room up a little. The sound system did become quiet towards the end when I was at the front of the stage, other that that the sound was crisp and clear.

Tom Booth opened up first, playing a fabulous warm up set for the boys, only 19 years old this boy… played some really great tracks! GVN stepped up to the plate and brought a lot of energy to the decks. Played his music he made with Lee Carter who couldn’t make it out last night to perform with him, GVN had a slight hiccup but he carried on like nothing had happened and didn’t lose confidence!

Next half of the night it was TNY & LUQ, who’s set was well thought out. Played a lot of great music once again and they mixed really well. Corey James mastered the microphone as always and used many of his tracks like his Runaway remix etc, it was another well mixed set.

The label bosses were up next to carry on a night that was going smoothly with no issues. These two held the best set for second to last and I presume only had all classic track USBs with them because the set was just classic after classic. Seek Bromance, Pressure, Daylight, Payback, the infamous Booyah and Spaceman mash up and a lot more… really did want to make me cry!

Thomas Feelman was to close the glorious event (Despite the low sound for his set) which he started where Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman left off. Playing done tribal to funky house to a little tech house and progressive, also he may have played something by him and the two young guys from Runcorn!

All in all the event was really good, the venue a little far back away from the city, would recommend a taxi to and from the venue. Really looking forward to the next one now!


Promise Land – Papaya (Size)

Italian duo Promise Land have been around for a while (a little over a decade) releasing beast after beast on to labels like Spinnin, Doorn, Sosumi and once again onto Size! The biggest hits in my eyes they’ve possibly had the most success with are Memories Will Fade with Yves V (Smash The House) and X-Press (Doorn), both very catchy and still really fresh a few years on.

They come back onto Size with a real fruity, mellow track called Papaya. This track flows with elegance and class, a gorgeous short melody intertwining with a really nice foot tapping percussion also. The vocal is perfect too which flows effortlessly with the percussion and melody.

Its a fruity little beast that packs loads of tropical punch + spice. With it all, it still has a ton of class and elegance!

Out now Size!

Tim Mason – Aalto (Anjunabeats)

Tim Mason has been around for a fair amount of time now and has released beautiful music onto labels like Doorn, Size, Zerothree, Spinnin and now this marvellous circus like production has been released onto Anjunabeats!

With its glorious melody and those circus like chords and a strong yet magical, hypnotic drum beat, it sends those feels right to the ears. The break is soft and then dramatised with a drop that escalates to that gorgeous rhythmic drum beat!

Something truly unique and fresh with a modern yet old melody that revived from the ground.

Out now on Anjunabeats!

Melè – Atlantic (Edible)

The boy from the Wirral is back with a tribal house infused track that has a gorgeous 90s vibe to it!

Melè has been well supported by many DJs with his music being played from Annie Mac, Eats Everything, Kryder, Tough Love, Danny Howard, Solardo and many more. This track is also plenty of support from the mentioned above.

With a 90s drum beat at the beginning intertwines with subtle percussion that leads to a very tribal / Latino infused drop. The small vocal FX is well suited within the beat and chord progression. It has altogether, a really nice spring in its step and is truly flawless.

The catchiness of the melody with the heavy snare drum is classic and that the production is clean and crisp!

Out now on Edible records!

Kölsch – 1989 (Kompakt)

Danish born DJ and producer Kölsch has been creating gorgeous pieces of music for a very long time, and also gained his own residency on BBC Radio One every Thursday. Having already released two albums from specific years in life, it was right to release another, this time we to 1989, the last of his autobiographal albums. This is an album that shows light of his turbulent teen hood, turning these hard times into something happier.

Kölsch’s new album ‘1989’ is pure and enticing, 12 tracks to indulge in, it’s the perfect album to be filed under  easy listening. Album opens up with a short orchestral sound check which adds to this album’s pureness. ‘Serij‘ is the first track to be heard, it also features his ‘1983’ collaborator Gregor Schwellenbach. With its strong acid influence to the beautiful strings intertwined in this beauty, it is surely a work of art.
Grå‘ is next and this is more of subtle, hard kick driven track with a gorgeous melody and a catchy percussion flowing straight into some alluring chords that will make your heart tingle and flutter. The break is full of brass and unique melodies that are breathtaking.
In Bottles‘ is a fluttery, high percussive track that had gorgeous vocals from Aurora, lyrics are really satisfying, strings with that high percussive beat always shines throughout this track and it all flows perfectly together.

Grey‘, does it really need an introduction? It’s something that has been a staple to any Kölsch or techno fans worldwide. A truly remarkable, unforgettable beauty that I have no words for. It’s fluttery once again and beckons with enticing  strings, wind sounds it’s something that anyone needs to love and adore forever.
The happy, melodic, percussive beats stay with us in ‘Grau‘. This heavenly track has though grand melodies which are harmonic and also contains alluring and stunning strings once again. The intertwining melodies with the percussion is something unique and it’s perfect.
PUSH‘ is a harder techno gem on ‘1989‘, finesse is the key word for this track. With that really hard pushing, percussive beat and exquisite, harmonic chords it’s something that needs to be in a techno fans collection. It’s something that truly defines techno.
There must be something with Kolsch and the letter G, we next have ‘Gris‘ to indulge in. Cute, sassy, lighter track has major alluring strings and melodies that will put you in a trance. Percussion has more of a stronger edge to it than most of the tracks on the album, but it’s stunning, with a flow that is perfect. Very 90s.

We go to ‘14‘, this intriguing, mystery track is something that will make you think of how to perceive this track. With its piano chords and flowing beat into a little techno bleep and then strings, it’s a track that is heart warming, moving and touching. Truly unique.
Khairo‘, possibly one of my favorites on the album, sounds a little like ‘Grey’ but has its own identity and is a little deeper than its sister. With its 90s beat and repetitive string progression into a wow factor melody, its sister will be proud.
We have the 10th track up next called ‘YKPI‘. A light techno beauty with hypnotic chords and a percussive heart warming beat it separates itself from the album for sure. Gorgeous flowing melodies bring this track alive and its enticing charm throughout will be stuck in anyone’s heart.
Liath‘… It’s the sister to PUSH, with a more lighter, uplifting string melodies which you will hear a solo of in last few minutes of the track. It’s the intertwining of all the instruments used and that percussion is certainly well suited to this track for certain.

We now, very sadly end with ‘Goodbye‘, a 7 minute track that is the best goodbye you’ll listen to. A more angelic track this time, something that glistens and delights the ears of any of its listeners. The whole album comes together in this track which is perfection. Harmonic, soothing melody will make a heart flutter and a boy cry, it’s a heart breaker. Alien, space sounds make it very intergalactic also… Could be the message of the track that the Kolsch space ship is ready to depart back into heaven.

This album, is a MUST for any one who adores Techno, Tech House, House, Melodic tracks, Eric Prydz, Joris Voorn, Dusky and many more. An album that is perfect for anyone really who adores this music or Grey. The whole album is a heart warmer which will make you forget the world around you.

Sebjak – Fellas (Bibliotheque)


Sebjak and his label Bibliotheque have been raising the stakes high for a year already now, cooking up some really alluring and enticing tracks for everyone to adore. He has releases on other big labels such as Fonk, Sosumi, Doorn, Size and Ultra Records too. Sebjak comes back this beauty called ‘Fellas’ on his imprint, Bibliotheque records.

‘Fellas’ has such a bouncy percussion with charming vocals and catchy melody that’ll be something to tap your foot to, this is just something that is truly mesmerizing throughout. The whole track has stunning breaks and drops also, with the drops being somewhat very organic and minimalistic yet satisfying for the ears. Breaks are indeed very pulsating and have a touch of class to them.

It is something of a remarkable beauty that has the charming brass in between enticing melodies and very subtle tribal percussion too, its perfection and its melodies are just very unique and pure, I doubt there is anything out there right now that sounds like this. The bass is at a nice volume so you can hear everything in the track and that it’s not to overpowering, very pretty and sultry altogether really.

Creamfields (26-27th August 2017)

So Creamfields last year for me was a complete fail as I only had been able to go for the Saturday only and I went home on the Monday without being able to afford the Sunday, which had an amazing line-up that I would’ve loved to have experienced for sure. This year I wasn’t going to let anything go wrong, so I thought. Getting onto the train at Euston to Liverpool was my first mistake as I didn’t do a through check of what I had packed or needed. We get to Stafford and for some strange reason out of the blue I remember I didn’t pack my tickets for the event, they are still somewhere in my house which is a huge loss because I find them now I’ll be stunned. The ticket company weren’t able to offer a new pair of tickets for me so that wasn’t a great help. When I checked into my hotel room I phone my parents and asked for them to check and see if they could find them, no luck there and at this point I was ready to just grab my case and go back home. My mother had the luckiest idea of me staying in my hotel and meeting my friend, it was the best idea ever.

Waking up in the morning after meeting my friend in the center after getting pizza I make a prompt decision and attend Creamfields. I pack up my handbag with the stuff I need like the car I bought the tickets with and my passport with my money etc. I make my way to the station and I get on the train at Liverpool to Runcorn, straight into a taxi to Creamfields site. I head over to the box office there and I ask if they were able to give me a new pair of tickets and they were able to. I was so relieved and super happy that they are able to do this, so with a smile on my face I made my way to get searched and scanned which this year was better than last year I think, a lot more security on the gates and sniffer dogs pulling out a lot of people bringing in drugs yet of course drugs are still getting in ha ha! I receive my wristband for the day and enter into the site which looked really pretty as this year we had sunshine and no rain all weekend, it got very cold as it reminded me of the when I went to Steelyard back in May 2017.

I saw a lot of my favourite DJs play that day like Corey James, Kolsch, Armin van Buuren, Deadmau5 and many more. The set that stood out for me was Deadmau5’s set, unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s set as I was watching hooked on his eclectic set with gorgeous yet comical visuals which were amazing. I had also seen some of the my friends there and had met a couple of them which was really nice as last year I was unable to as I didn’t know many people last year. Spent the whole night with my friend and his friends watching Deadmau5 and Camelphat, walked around to get some really nice yet heavy feeling curly fries with cheese, spent £7.50 on food and a bottle of pop so it was not bad really. I end my night by saying goodbye to my friend which is always the worst part I think. I make my way to get the shuttle back to Liverpool city and soon as we got dropped off I noticed there was a McDonald’s which I used as my point of call for a late night dinner to fill my tummy before hitting the sack. I get back to my hotel, eat my Maccie’s watching Would I Lie To You on TV and then just watched my videos back of the night, well worth the effort!

For the Sunday I prepared everything for the day, had my cereal and a cup of tea to keep me going and then I get to Sainsbury’s and I grab some lunch before I make my way into the site as it’s much cheaper to eat out rather than eat at the festival for sure. (TIP: Grab a meal deal from somewhere with a wholesome sandwich and crisps [No chocolate] that contains protein or a lot of carbs, will fill you up for longer) So we get onto the shuttle bus as I find it much cheaper than taxi’s going back to Liverpool (£6 each way, £12 return, don’t worry if don’t buy it online, the box office for shuttle tickets was empty at 22:35, 25 minutes till the music stops and everyone goes home, so they had plenty of tickets) I ate my lunch and the funniest moment was when the bus took off and everyone cheered, great atmosphere and get really pumped for the day for sure. Another was that everyone wanted to hop off so they could walk as the traffic was pretty bad, I recommend leaving early as the traffic was bad this year. So I get to the site and to gate, get searched  and scanned yet this time it was a little more luck on my side as the girl giving out wristbands for day people didn’t have any left, we all received a weekend camping wristband, so I could have just entered the camp site to meet my friends I didn’t as I had planned to leave before 23:00 as I knew it was going to be rammed to get out. So I enter and my favourite song is playing as I walk in which was really cool too. I got to see some of my friends again, seeing Joris Voorn, a little of Martin Garrix, tiny bit of Eric Prydz in Pryda at Steelyard, was fab to be back in that stage as it was round 2 for a few of us. I spend the rest of the night with my friends and I make my way over to Martin where unfortunately I didn’t have a comfortable time ha ha, so I left to go and see Eric Prydz and I had a very minor anxiety attack as I was getting scared because I was alone in the dark, yet this year I wasn’t going to let it get to me. These really nice girls came over and hung out with my the food court or a while to make me happy and feeling safer again, I say goodbye and I decide to just make my way home anyway as it was getting to closing time and I really didn’t want to be waiting all hours to get to my hotel room.

This year I had learnt a LOT of lessons, those lessons for anyone wanting to go are as follows:-

  • Get a hotel room in advance if you are not camping, stay for three nights as you will have a nice long, relaxing Friday night and will be well rested for the weekend to come where you will be lacking sleep.
  • Pack your tickets, also make a checklist also of everything you’ll be bringing with you. Don’t leave tickets or anything in envelopes or a book, put them on your wall or in a plastic wallet in a special place to keep safe.
  • If you want like I did, buy cereal bars or something for the morning of Saturday and Sunday as you may not have time to eat breakfast, you could always go to a supermarket and buy a meal deal for £3-4 too.
  • Make sure if you buy the meal deal to get a high in carb or protein sandwich and crisps as this will you fill you up faster as they have higher carb content etc.
  • Buy shuttle tickets at the site when you’re ready to leave if you are staying in Liverpool etc, that way you can still decide on what you want to do.
  • If you buy food at the festival, make sure you go for something that’s high in carbs or something that will fill you up. This year they had a lot of heavy foods which is a really great idea.
  • Lay out the stuff you’ll need for the day you’ll attend, make sure chargers are charged and your phone is fully charged too.
  • Text, DM, phone friends before you make your way to festival as the signal is really bad there, I had many problems contacting my friends after having the minor anxiety problem.

All in all though I had the best, most expensive weekend ever! Was luck on my side all weekend and had the sun with no mud all weekend also which was a true blessing. Seeing Steve Angello for the second time with the heavens shining down on us was a really remarkable site to experienced too. will be going again next year for sure! Just follow my tips to make your experience a great one!